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These short demo-videos should allow you to observe my style of teaching and a bit of my personality. The first demo is a portion of "Becoming the Passionate Bride of Christ" while the second is a portion of "What's in Your Purse!" While I use humor and personal testimonies, the central part of every conference is the Word of God.

Below is a list of conference titles I have done in other churches. Your group may choose from these for your event or you may present me with your theme and I will work around it. I love the challenge of writing something new! I hope to see you soon.


  • Becoming the Passionate Bride of Christ

    One day our heavenly Bridegroom will come and take us to the place He has prepared for us but will we be ready? Are we worshiping in spirit and truth? Are we living the abundant life Jesus promised? This study is the perfect weekend retreat or conference to learn that worship is a lifestyle! Scripture basis is Isaiah 6

    *Becoming the Passionate Bride of Christ...An Invitation to Worship is Cyndi's Bible study which may be purchased for a more in-depth study of worship.

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  • We Are All Big Sweaty Messes
    One of the hardest things for women to do is to see themselves as God sees them. 
    Comparisons to others get in the way of our relationships.  We are all sweaty messes
    but only God can change that. This is a three session conference.
  • While You Were Sleeping!

    In Genesis we read that "Lot pitched his tent toward Sodom" and well, the rest is history. Where have we as the people of Christ pitched our tents and how will it affect the world?
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    (While You Were Sleeping!)
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  • If the Shoe Fits!

    Trying on shoes is hard work!! We must find just the right one! This is a take-off of Cinderella who seeks her Prince Charming...but we find our Prince's name is Faithful and True. Great for a Ladies Night Out and Appropriate for youth girls as I discuss waiting for our prince! (many scriptures used)
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  • What's in Your Purse????

    This is my most requested Ladies Night Out Event!! I spend the evening "cleaning out" my own purse so Christ can be my all in all and challenge other women to clean out their purses, too! This has humor throughout as it is my testimony!
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  • Keeping the Dream Alive after the Alarm Goes Off

    At one time you knew there was a purpose and plan for your life and then "life" happened. Perhaps there was a death or other tragic event... or perhaps you just feel like a failure! God is all about making His dream in our lives a reality... but we must turn the alarm off of snooze and start living!
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  • Mary ChristmasChristmas Ornaments
    Why should celebrating Christmas end with Jesus birth?  What decorations are you putting on your tree? Cyndi suggests 3 ornaments which will make your celebration truly worshipful.  This topic is perfect for a Christmas event while challenging us to live the celebration all year long.

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